Honeybees are but one member of a critical and increasingly threatened group of insects, birds and mammals known as pollinators. Pollinators perform a simple but essential function by transferring pollen from the male parts of one plant to the female parts of another, and thereby allow those plants to produce viable seed. The importance of pollinators cannot be overstated: almost 90% of all flowering plants would cease to exist without them! The fruits and seeds produced by these plants support entire ecosystems, and supply roughly 1/3 of our diet.

While honeybees and the threats they face have gathered a great deal of public attention, many less conspicuous or “sexy” pollinators are rapidly moving towards extinction without any media coverage or regulatory protection. For this reason we have decided to expand our donation program to support efforts to protect all pollinators. Through our honey sales the following organizations have received our support for their programs. If you wish to learn more about them please visit their websites and consider making a donation of your own.

Thank you,

The Blue Shoes Honey family

  • Wildlife Preservation Canada – native pollinator initiative

    https://wildlifepreservation.ca/native-pollinator- initiative/

    Since the launch of our program in 2013, we’ve collaborated with numerous partners in Canada, the U.S. and overseas. We’ve established conservation breeding colonies, created the www.bumblebeewatch.org website, hosted educational workshops, spearheaded scientific research and supported efforts to improve or restore habitat.

  • The Xerces Society


    The Xerces Society manages the largest pollinator conservation program in the world. We work with farmers, gardeners, land managers, agency staff, and others to create habitat for bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects. Because of our trainings, restoration work, and publications, hundreds of thousands of acres of flower-rich habitat has been planted for these vital insects.

  • Pollinator Partnership Canada


    Pollinators don’t see political boundaries, and local solutions result in more successful conservation initiatives. P2C, the first global diversification of the P2 organization, more effectively targets the unique opportunities and challenges faced by Canada’s pollinators and the ecosystems and economies that depend on them. P2C works closely with local not-for- profit organizations, charities, businesses, and governments and also partners with US and Mexican groups to support cross-border and migratory pollinators throughout North America